Irish cuisine 31/10/2017

The Irish cuisine is a peasant and authentic cuisine, inspired by the type of animals farmed and the crops grown, which in turn influence the food consumption in Ireland. From as far as the Middle Ages until the 16th century when potatoes were discovered, the principle element of Ireland’s economy was cattle herding. In fact, the social standing of a person was determined by the amount of cattle they owned. As a result, a typical Irish plate more often included white meat or pork while beef and bacon where rare. The common choice of herding a milk producing cow than slaughtering it lead to the introduction of dairy products and especially salted butter to the Irish diet. The black pudding which dates back to the 1880’s is a blood sausage made from cattle blood, pork fat, grain – usually oatmeal – and seasoning. Up until today it remains a part of Irish breakfast. Traditional Irish recipes are usually quite simple, and most of the time made from few ingredients, this in part can be blamed on the lack of availability of a wide range of exotic ingredients. One more thing you should know about Irish cuisine is that food is never wasted, when it come to a pig every part of it was eaten except for the grunt! Nowadays, the Irish cuisine still relies on dairy products and also includes fish, vegetables, oysters and other shellfish. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so let's take a look at some of the most popular dishes. 

Full Irish Breakfast: Bacon, egg, sausages, black and white pudding and fried tomato. 


Boxty: A traditional Irish potato pancake. Just like a pancake but with potatoes! 


Colcannon: A traditional Halloween mash made of potatoes and kale.


Coddle: There are plenty variations of this dish as it was made from leftovers. Usually it consists of sausages, potatoes and bacon.  

Irish stew: Another dish with several variations, with the most common ingredients being potatoes, onions, parsley and meat, which is usually lamb, mutton or beef.  


Bacon and cabbage: A “comfort food” made of bacon, cabbage, potatoes and in some variations, white sauce. 


Barmbrack: A traditional yeasted bread made usually for Halloween.  

Hope you like our list! 
Emily from StayPlanet 

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