Hike to Howth 28/06/2019

If you like to hike, I'm sure you'll like it. 1 hour from Dublin by bus, you can admire the beautiful landscapes of Howth. You can also go by train with DART, but I advise you to take the bus to cross the city which is very cute.
Take bus 31 / a to Besuras towards Howth Summit and exit at the last stop. (One tiket 3.30 euros and round-trip 6.60 euros)


Howth Head is perfect for lovers of seascapes and lighthouses! Here you can stroll, admire beautiful species of sea birds, enjoy the local flora, and of course, marvel at the beauty of the Irish Sea!
An often peaceful corner, which has the advantage of being little frequented by tourists! Feel free to walk along the coast: the panorama is sumptuous, which makes it an ideal place to take some pictures.
You can push to the Baily Lighthouse, the local lighthouse at the end of the peninsula: impossible to miss with its white column of 41 meters, it was built around 1814. Feel free to visit: part of its buildings has been converted into a museum.


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