Heidelberg 28/01/2019

This lovely little town in Germany offers you not only a pretty and old traditionally German architecture, but also a very flowery lifestyle with both, young and old people. Heidelberg is a popular student town and lives for good education and students from all over the world. 



The Heidelberg is the oldest University of Germany and was founded in 1386. The university is very proud of its long history but also never forgets the future. It offers a lot of different degrees for example medicine, theology, law, economy, social science liberty arts and many more. On account of this Heidelberg’s University is one of the best and most beautiful Universities worldwide. 



The old city, which was founded in 1196 is wonderfully preserved. Except of the synagogues, the city was barely destroyed in the second world war, which is why it still has its original, traditional buildings. Therefore, it is a beautiful city to visit and to see historically German architecture from the baroque time. Because of succession wars the city was ruined twice, once in 1688 and one time in 1693, both times the city was rebuilt and since then almost unchanged. 



The ‘Alte Brücke’ which is German for ‘old bridge’, is the oldest bridge in Heidelberg and as well one of the oldest in Germany. It crosses the river ‘Neckar’ and was firstly mentioned in the year 1284, as a wooden bridge. The one that you can see today is from the year 1788 and after destroying in the second world war rebuilt in 1947. The actual name of the bridge is ‘Karl-Theodor-Brücke’, but the more common name and now also the most known is ‘old bridge’, which it deserves. 


Also, the Church of the Holy Spirit is worth a visit. It stands in the middle of the market place, in the center of Heidelberg's old town. It is built in both the late Gothic and the late Romanic style, this combination was made, because of two churches laid together. It is beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside and should definitely be on your to do list, when going to Heidelberg. 


One of the best things to see in Heidelberg is the beautiful half ruin, half rebuilt castle, the ‘Heidelberger Schloss’. As well as the church it is from the 13th century, but was ruined during the succession wars, like the rest of the city and partly rebuilt afterwards. It still is the pride and the symbol of the town, so if you haven’t been to the castle, you haven’t really been in Heidelberg. 



Even though the city was officially founded in 1196, there were human signatures even before that time. Celts constructed a fortress 500 BC, as a protection from the Germanic peoples. After Heidelberg became part of the Roman Empire and provided as a pottery center. In the event of the victory Clovis’ I. over the Alemanni in 508, Heidelberg belonged to the kingdom of the Franks and became Christian. The oldest written record was then in 1196, but it is thought that there was a town long before that. 

In the year 1386 Rupert I. founded the University of Heidelberg, as the third academy in the Holy Roman Empire, right after Prag and Vienna. In the end of the 15th century Heidelberg became one of the heartlands of the humanism. 



By Elena


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