Haunted Accommodations for Halloween Part 2 11/10/2018

You are still planning your Halloween trip? You haven't decide yet which haunted hotel you want to go? Here is the second part of our haunted place to stay, let's discover new hotels... 


Built in 1209 in Offaly, it was first druids and poets' home. It was built on an ancient stone circle used for ceremonial rituals by druids. In 1922 it was burned to ground and rebuilt in 1928 identically to the old castle. This place is haunted by different ghosts and two bedrooms in this place are the theatre of supernatural event: the Elisabeth and the Geraldine.  
However, the most famous ghost is the Monk, Hugh. His presence in the castle can be testified by travellers or workers of the Hotel.  


Build by the Fitzgerald family in the 16th century in Kerry. It is haunted by several ghosts such as Gerald Fitzgerald who was beheaded in the Hotel as a warning to the rebels who would be plotting against Henry VIII, who keep an eye on the cellar and lower floor. The other one is Hilda, she comes each 24th March, she is so scary that people who see her just don’t want to come back. She supposedly did it one night of 1998. 
The hotel even organises night tours of the castle. The owner of the hotel has never seen ghost, however, one night when he was alone with his wife in the empty hotel, they heard voices and foot sound upstairs. But when he came to check, everything was normal and there was no sign of break-in...  


An Hour and a Half outside Dublin you can find this picturesque castle, located in the secluded country side of county Monaghan.  

This 16th Century castle is reported to home for a variety of different Ghosts. One such is one of the former inhabitants of the castle, Norman Leslie. Killed in WW1 his spirt is said to be strongest in his mother's former room, The Red Room. The Story goes that on the day of his death he appeared to his mother at her bed side & when she tried to ask him what he was doing home he vanished into thin air. Today he is rumored to be in this room from time to time as several guests have reported seeing him, he is supposedly walking around shuffling papers and appears to guests who make too much noise and shushes them.  

Another reportedly Haunted room is the Mauve Room... The tale goes like this, Leonie Leslie the former owner of the room died in this room. On the night of her death her nurse was taking care of Leonie in her final hours as an old woman came in to pay her respects & talk to Leonie before her death. The nurse thought nothing of it and continued to do her job until Leonie passed away through the night. It was only the next day she recognized the women who visited Leonie hours before her death, in a Portrait that hung on the wall of the Castle it was Lady Constance who had been died in 1925.... Not to worry though, she has been reported to still visit the room to Levitate the bed during the night... No wakeup call required there!  

Other rumblings around the castle are, Bells ringing by themselves, A crying child and a Monk you don’t want to meet.  


Written By: Tiarnán & Mathilde from StayPlanet