Game of Thrones Original Locations Part 1 04/12/2018

Do you want to slip in the role of your favorite character in Game of Thrones? To wear accurate clothes from Westeros and improve your skills with a bow and an arrow like the Starks? Then this is something for you. 

Even though the world from Game of Thrones, so as Westeros, Essos, Kings Landing and Winterfell are fictional, the producer of Game of Thrones used real places from all around the world to film the scenes. 


Mdina and Valetta, Malta 

For the first season the old capital of Malta, Mdina was used for Kings Landing, the capital of Westeros. The main gate of Mdina appears in the TV show when Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik ride into Kings Landing. Also, the brothel of Littlefinger you’ll find in Mdina on the Pjazza Mesquita. And in Valetta, you can walk through Eagle Street, where Arya Stark tried to sell a seagull against a piece of bread.

Other famous scenes shot in Malta are the beheading of Ned Stark and the first meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. But those places are private property and can only be visited within the scope of a booked tour. 


Azure Window, Gozo 

This wonderful monument, which is unfortunately destroyed since 2017, was used as a setting for the Khal’s and the Khaleesi’s wedding in Essos. 


Northern Ireland 

Because of its green and rough landscape, Northern Ireland was perfect for representing “The North”, the home and lands of the Starks in Westeros. After the first season with using the Doune Castle in Scotland, they continued the filming in another Castle placed in Northern Ireland called Castle Ward in County Down. When you take part in the Game of Thrones tour in Northern Ireland, this is the place where you can dress as a Stark and prove your skills as an archer. 

Another place filmed around Belfast are the Dark Hedges Ballymoney, which provide as Kingsroad, where Arya Stark flees into the north. 

Tollymore forest park is the location of a few scenes in Winterfell, for example, the scene where the Starks find the young direwolfes. 

At the same time, the cost of north Antrim is the location from the unpleasant iron Islands and Ballymore harbor represents their capital Pyke’s harbor. 


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By Elena Kasper

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