Fidji Island 11/12/2018

The Fiji Islands are known for its luxurious private islands. It is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The Fiji Islands are also an archipelago with more than 300 islands. 

Fiji's white sand beaches and crystal-clear ocean waters offer an ideal vacation destination for divers, honeymooners and families or simply, those looking to relax and get away from it all. 

Here, you will find the 3 major islands of Fiji: 


VITI LEVU means “The great Fiji” 

This island had the most international flights land in particularity near Nadi.  

It is the first largest island of Fiji 

There are mostly Indians and Melanesians population 


Things to see: 

  • Bequa Island 

Is renowned for scuba diving location and there are few isolated villages where the tradtion of fire-walking originated. This location is also known for having starks... 


  • Colo-I-Suva Forest Park 

In this place, you can find a lot of cascades, a mass of lunch rainforest and exotic wildlife. There is something funny you can do: jump using tree-trunks over a waterfall like Tarzan!


  • Garden of the sleeping giant 

It is a garden full of canopied walkways, serene lily-ponds and wonderful meadows which offers you a quiet retreat and a zen vacation. You can find there the highest mountain which named Mount Tomanivi: it is about 1 323 metres (4 341 feet) and 4.5 kilometres (2.7 miles). 


VANUA LEVU means “Great land of the people” 

It is the second largest island of Fiji. 

It is also the one of the world’s longest barrier reefs. 

There are numerous rivers like Walaivu, Labara or Qawa 


Things to do: 

  • You can see lush tropical rainforest 

  • You can experience traditional Fijian village life  

  • You can get up with a pod of local dolphins if they make an appearance  

  • You can have snorkelling 



TAVEUNI means “Garden Island of Fiji” 

It is the third largest island of Fiji. 

It is one of the best scuba diving location in the world. 

It is an ecotourist destination and very strongly recommend for wildlife lovers  


Things to do: 

  • It is a prime spot for bird watching so you have a walk in the rainforest you will find numerous species of bird  

  • You can have a hiking in Bouma National Heritage 


  • Lavena Coastal Walk 

You will be overwhelmed by the breath-taking views of jungle. It’s a great place to hike; there is more than 5 kilometres to go while admiring the landscape. 


  • Waitavala Waterslide 

In this place, you can complete natural slide in the middle of all that Fiji wilderness: slide down a natural slipper rock and you will find yourself in a refreshing pool at the bottom. 


By Peggy


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