Facts about Cuba 08/05/2019

In this article, we are going to give you some tips: what to see and what to do in Cuba and introduce you the local life. 

No matter how ready you are to visit this country, Cuba always impact us. 

In Cuba there are two worlds, the tourist world and the local world which are completely different. You can see luxury, wealth and at the same time the most absolute poverty.


In the tourist zone, there are a lot of luxury hotels, restaurants, museums, pubs, and discos, etc. 

In the other hand is the local zone, it seems that it continues in the 70s, with old houses where the transport is cheaper but poor, where the highest salary is 80$. 

A country where health is free, where you can seat in the street to talk with the local people, where they don’t have any luxury but the treat is exceptional you can feel the warmth of the street, of their people... 


The currency in Cuba 

There are two officials' currencies: one for the tourist zone (CUC) and the other one for the local zone (CUP) and the change is 1€ is 1.02 CUCs and 1 CUC are 24 CUPs. 

The accommodation in Cuba 

You can look for accommodations in Booking.com and Airbnb. You also can stay with local families; you can find these houses because they have a blue placard on the door. 

The accommodation in Cuba is not cheap so, families houses is the best option. Normally the breakfast is included, and sometimes the dinner too. 


The transport in Cuba 

If you want to go to the airport there are two ways: the first one and the most common is taking a taxi, it will cost about 25-30$, but there is another way cheaper, it is to take a bus and it costs 0,05$.  

There are two types of transport in the city for long distances; one for tourist and one for local people. You can only travel by the blue line of buses because this is the line of tourist and is more expensive than the local line and the tourist cannot travel in the local line because you need the Cuban identify.  

Another option is to travel by taxi, sometimes is cheaper than some buses especially if you know how to haggle with the driver. 

In the city, you can move by another type of transport like the ‘’almendrones’’ that are shared taxis, the ‘’bike-taxis’’ that are bikes with seats behind. 


Since May of 2010, health insurance is mandatory you can take out the insurance in Spain or in Cuba. 

You must have a valid passport for 6 months since you enter Cuba and one visa. 


Eat in local places  

Cuban gastronomy is one of the most delicious in the world although there is not so much variety. The best option is to go to local restaurants, they are cheaper than the tourist restaurants and you can find good dishes. The best thing is to eat in the street enjoying the people.  


Relate with local people 

If you go to Cuba you have to relate with local people because people make Cuba special and different. They love to speak about wherever you want but always with a smile.


By Almudena


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