Dublin discovery through different kind of pubs PART 2 08/11/2018

Did you enjoy the three pubs of Tuesday? Did you try one of them or all of them? Today three pubs are a little bit different than traditional pubs because of what they served and because of the building and the decoration itself. However, these three pubs are very special and typical from Dublin, you cannot miss them!  

The first one is called The Bar with no Name. A kind of secret pub seeing as the pub is located on the first floor of a building, and to go in you need to know that the entry is there! Surrounding by other pubs, The Bar with no Name is the perfect place to enjoy your Friday evening, or whenever you want to have a drink. This pub is huge and offers rooms with a lot of space and seats. The decoration is sober and particular in the meantime, and the pub offers its own homemade cocktails.  

You want to discover this magical place? You would find the entry door below a wooden snail in Fade Street, Dublin 2. Enjoy!  





The second today pub is the MV Cill Airne.  This pub is very special and the reason why is because it’s on a boat! A real boat from the 1950s’ is floating on the Liffey, along the North Wall Quay. The boat is not just a pub, there you can also eat. Almost the whole boat is open to the public you can enjoy your drink inside or on the main desk with a beautiful view on the Liffey and Dublin.  




The last pub I want to introduce to you is called The Liquor Rooms. Situated on Wellington Quay, this particular pub is reputed for its cocktails. This huge pub, on the basement of an old building offers different rooms and quiet nooks to spend a wonderful night. The peculiar decoration composed of velvet, small lamp and cosy seats create the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful night. There even is an indoor patio, you really think you are in your garden!  




I hope all these information would help you to choose the perfect pub to spend your Friday night! Enjoy!

By Mathilde 


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