Dublin discovery through different kind of pubs 06/11/2018

Six pubs for six different atmospheres... Pubs are maybe one of the most famous parts of the Irish culture. Coming to Dublin without having a pint of Guinness or of another drink would be a sacrilege! However, with so many choices it’s really complicated to choose the good one, the one which will make you experience fantastic and unforgettable... I know, I am speaking about pubs with so many fervour and elation but as I told you, it’s one of the unmissable parts of your trip in Dublin.  

I have listed different pubs to make you discover Dublin night life. The first one is the Cassidy’s. Situated on Westmoreland Street, this typical Irish pub can offer you a unique experience. Indeed, the pub has at your disposal two different rooms: one on the ground floor and the other one on the lower ground floor. Each of them has its own bar and an amazing atmosphere. The pub is dark, with only some windows, and the light comes thanks to a series of candles which warms up the room. On the wall are arranged mirrors, which through time were covered by numerous stickers by consumers. All these thinks make the Cassidy’s special and will, I’m sure, amazed you!  




The second one is called The Church. You are certainly wondering why a pub is called like this, but the reason is very simple and completely logical: this pub had been found in an old church! The Church is more than a pub, it’s brasserie and a restaurant. There you can experience the ambiance of the ground floor with the immense oval bar and the stage for concerts and spectacles. On the first floor you will find a wonderful restaurant with an amazing view on the whole old church. By the way, you can still admire the old organ and some stained-glass windows of the previous life of this building. I’m sure you would be completely astounded by the ambiance and the building itself! 




The third pub is the P.Mac’s. Between George’s Street and St. Stephen’s Green, this huge pub will impress you. This pub owns a particularity which would delight the more secret ones... In the main room there are some other small rooms separated from the main one thanks to doors and partitions. In these kinds of cocoons, you will feel in perfect privacy in the middle of a crowded pub! The entire pub is lighted by red candles which give a special atmosphere to the P.Mac’s. You will certainly love the time spent there!  


You will know the name of the other three pubs tomorrow, until then, try one of these extraordinary pubs! 


By Mathilde 


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