Day 9: Meet the Devil in Ballinagarde House 09/10/2018

The Ballinagarde House was built by the Croker family, who was originally from England. They built the house to reflect their majesty and their richness. Edward Croker was the owner and he decided for a 2 floors house with 5 bays, a porch on the front and classical statuary to impress and celebrate his power. Not long after it was built, Croker went bankrupt due to bad business decisions. There’s a story behind this location that tells that Edwards was going to die because he was suffering from a terminal illness and his son Robert, who was a clergy man, tried to console him saying that he was destined to a better place. But the father didn’t trust him, he said “I doubt it”. From this quotation, the house is known with this name. 

After this fact, the ownership changed hands and the House become the home of Richard Croker, as known as Boss Croker, who was a business man renowned for his corruption, he was the head of Tammany Hall in NYC, and he received bribe money from the owners of brothels and illegal gambling.  

There are many creepy tales about ghosts or shadowy figures haunting this House. Ireland has always been a religious place, especially during the times in which the Crockers lived in. it is said the Devil have visited many places, included the House. The story tells that Edward was in his carriage and he started a conversation with a mysterious dark figure. He invited him to dinner and they both spent the whole night talking and drinking. The following day the servant removed the boot of the strange man and he found hairy feet and later hoof marks on the floor. What’s sure is that something weird happened that night, and of course it was something related to the Evil!  

Written By: Francesca from StayPlanet