Christmas Market Galway 2018 03/12/2018

Magical moments during Christmastime on Galway's Christmas market 2018


It’s this time of the year again, when people stroll through Christmas markets looking for gifts, enjoying Christmastime with their family and friends or even just stop for a hot wine punch. Nobody knows why, but it’s a fact, that food and drinks are always better together with your loved ones on a magical Christmas market. There is something for everyone. The sparkling carousel with the tamely horses gets the attraction of many children every year and also the big wheel and the amazing view on top of it, is very popular for families as well as for couples. Galway is famous for its magic, especially in the winter with the taste of Christmas pastry and perfumed candles in the air. Who wants to enjoy a spectacular moment like this, is recommended to go to Galway’s Christmas market from Saturday, the 16th of November until Saturday, the 22nd of December.

Opening times:

Monday to Wednesday from 12am-8pm

Thursday to Sunday from 10am-10pm

By Elena Kasper

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