All about Love ... 20/05/2019

“I take you... For better or worse... Till death do us part. “

Put away the handkerchiefs, you will have understood this edition will be on the WEDDING. (Sorry the lonely ones this time, it’s not for you but don’t worry I will do something for you too ;) ) Do you smell this?  The mating season’s come back, so get ready and says YES, I DO!

Here are some ideas where you will experience the best moment of your life. I have chosen only for you 5 places where your dream becomes reality.

Number 1 Taj Mahal - INDIA

The Taj Mahal is recognized as the global symbol of love. This ivory marble monument is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The magnificence of The Taj Mahal is indescribable. For a fairy tale wedding, this is the perfect destination to capture two souls in sheer love beginning a new life together.

Number 2 Venice - ITALIA

This magical city has long been one of the world’s great locations for a romantic break or honeymoon, so where better than a wedding abroad in Venice? Floating on its canals, historic palazzos and luxurious aristocratic houses lining the water, it’s a fairytale sight even before you start planning a ceremony. Imagine arriving by gondola or sailing away together as newlyweds, watching the reflections in the lagoon or gliding along the Grand Canal under the Rialto bridge.



Named as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Start with a serene and elegant wedding on one of the island’s captivating beaches, where you’ll be surrounded by smiling locals, eager to help make your big day as special as possible. Then get ready for your honeymoon where you’ll have the chance to do all kinds of exciting, exotic activities, like cruising on a converted rice barge, hiking deep into the rainforest to hidden waterfalls and gliding down calm rivers on a handmade bamboo raft. 
No matter which beach wedding destination you choose, you’ll never regret celebrating your big day at the coast, surrounded by all the natural beauty anyone could ever hope for.

Number 4  Paris - FRANCE

Champagne, champagne!

In France’s capital city, romance lingers in the air. Paris has always been synonymous with love, making it a leading destination for fiancés seeking to create an unforgettable wedding. Boasting artistic and architectural wonders lush gardens and, of course, the Eiffel Tower, finding the perfect place to host your wedding in this charming city presents no challenges. Whether you opt for a daylight ceremony in the gardens or a night-time event as the city lights up and the Eiffel Tower shines, Paris is a timeless, classic wedding backdrop.


Number 5  Las Vegas - UNITED STATES

 Love’s in the air

For the adventurer, let’s go to Vegas where everything is possible. If anyone is looking for an unusual, special, memorable way to get married - this is it. Fly over Las Vegas during a hot air balloon ride and discover RED ROCK CANYON from the top. The memories created here, simple as watching the beautiful sunset or even the sunrise will last a lifetime.


So now what are you waiting for to take off in one of these paradises.


Written by Lea 


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