African foods specialty 08/04/2019

The African continent is well known for its various dishes but in each country, they have their special or traditional foods. I’ve listed some of the best meal that you have to eat... 



Thiep Bou Dien (Thieboudien) means “rice with fish”. The word fish in Wolof is “diene”. It was invented by a famous cook named Penda Mbaye in the 19th century. 

It’s made of vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, pumpkin, cabbage), fried fish and a rice. There is 2 different ways to make this meal: you can made with red rice (you just need to add tomato) or white rice. Sure, you can change the fish by chicken called “tiep bou guinar” or beef called “tiep bou yapp”. 



ALLOCO, Coast Ivory 

This meal is the most eaten after “Garba”. You can eat this with everything. 

Alloco is fried plantains bananas. In Coast Ivory, we eat it with grilled fish accompanied with a sauce made of tomato, onions, cucumber and Attieke (cassava ground into couscous like grains). 




Jolof rice is made of rice, tomato, onions and pepper. It’s a meal well-known in West Africa. 

Egusi Soup is made of ground melon seeds and bitter leaf, fried plantains and pounded yam (generally fufu). 




This dish is made of spicy stew with palm oil, garlic, chilis and okra. The chicken is always served with cassava leaves and white rice. 



BOBOTIE, South Africa 

Bobotie pronounced “ba-boor-tea" is a mixture of curried meat and fruit and a creamy golden topping which is similar to a familiar dish; moussaka. Sometimes, it can be served with Sambal. 




Palm Butter is a thick sauce made by boiling and grinding palm nuts, you can add beef or chicken (it’s up to you). You can eat this with rice or fufu. 



PONDU, Congo 

Pondu also called Saka-Saka is a sauce made of cassava leaves, onions, chili and palm oil. It’s often eaten with white rice. 



NDOLE, Cameroon 

To cook Ndole, you need to use a lot of spinach with bitter leaf and stewed nuts. You can eat this dish with white rice of fufu.  





By Peggy


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