7 Wonders of the Modern and the Ancient World 02/04/2019

Everybody knows that the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World were architectural works that change history. They were selected by the Duch painter Maerten Van Heemskerck in the XIV century.  Only one of them keeps alive nowadays. The existence of others wonders is a mystery. And now, why only 7? This is because of in the Hellenistic culture 7 was the perfect number.  

7 World Wonders of the Ancient World 


Giza pyramid. It was finished 2570 B.C. it was built to Keops Pharaoh in Giza, Egypt. It is the only one who survives.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, it was built in 605 B.C. - 562 B.C. in Babylon city, nowadays Iraq. It was destroyed 126 B.C. by the Persian. It is a mystery because there aren’t remains.   


Artemis Temple in Ephesus, nowadays Turkey. The king Creso started to build in 550 B.C and it was destroyed in a fire in 356 B.C. Alejandro Magno ordered its reconstruction. It is considered the most impressive work.  



The statue of Zeus, it was sculpted about 430 B.C by Fidias. It had 12 meters of height. It was built with ivory, gold and precious stones.



The Halicarnaso Mausoleum was started by Mausoleum and it was continued by Artemis, his wife in 353 B.C in Halicarnaso, nowadays Turkey. It was built like a tomb in white ivory and with 50 meters of height.  


The Colossus of Rhodes was between 294 B.C-282B.C in the Rhodes city in Greece. It was built to the Greek God of the Sun. It was a port entry.  


The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built between 285B.C-247B.C in the Pharos island, Egypt, it was to guide the boats that went to the port.


7 Wonder World en the Modern World  

Despite the importance of all these Ancient Wonder World, in 2007 was a concourse that selected the 7 Wonders of the Moderns World. There were more than 1 hundred million votes, by SMS and internet. The winners were: 

Chichen Itza, in Mexico 


The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. 


The Redeem Christ, in Rio de Janeiro, Brassil 


The Great Chinese Wall in China. 


The Machu Pichu in Cuzco, Peru. 


Petra in Jordan 


The Taj Mahal, in Agra, India 




By Almudena



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