10 cities to visit in Europe 22/03/2019

If you like to travel and visit the main cities in Europe, we will tell you what is most important to visit! You only have to enjoy! 

With this guide we help you to choose the cities to visit, you will take some flights. This route is designed for a duration between 25-30 days. 

We choose 10 cities to visit if you want you can change the cities and the duration. 

  1. Madrid 

The capital of Spain, it is a city very comfortable to visit, all important things to visit are in the city center in spite of its dimension. We have to stand out its monuments and its squares. The most important museum, ‘’El Prado’’, is a required stop. You also have to visit ‘’La Puerta del Sol’’, ‘’La Plaza Mayor’’ and the most important park ‘’El Retiro’’. 

We recommend you to spend at least two days to visit everything. 

  1. Barcelona 

Barcelona is a coast city 600km from Madrid but you can travel between the cities by plane and spend one hour or by train and spend three hours, you can choose. 

It is the city of Gaudi so you have to visit ‘’La Sagrada Familia’’ a cathedral made by Gaudi.  There are also many places to visit like the Gothic Neighborhood, its Gothic Cathedral, and the ‘’Catedral del Mar’’ 

  1. Rome 

You can go by plane from Barcelona and spend only 2 hours. The capital of Italy, with a great heritage. There are a lot of buildings from Roman age like the Roman Coliseum and the Agrippa Pantheon.  

You also have to visit the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain. We recommend you to spend in this city for two days at least. We also recommend signing up for a guided tour to take to you directly to the most prominent sites. 

  1. Florence 

The best option to travel from Rome to Florence is by train, it cost more or less 30 € and you spend 1 hour. Florence is a required stop in Italy. Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance.  

Like Rome, we recommend signing up for a guided tour because of there a lot of places to visit there. You have to stay in Florence for at least 2 days. 

  1. Venice 

Venice is the city of water, there aren’t cars, there are boats. You can travel to Venice by train or plane not to waste time.  

There are a lot of tourists because Venice is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities. You have to visit the San Marcos square and its Byzantine style basilic. You also can go for a walk by gondola in their channels. 

  1. Berlin 

To continue with the route Berlin is our next stop. You can travel by plane from Venice and spend 2  


 To visit the capital of Germany will take you at least two days. The best option is to hire a bus tour, is the best way to see the most important places in Berlin like the Reichstag Parliament of Berlin. 

  1. Amsterdam 

After visiting Venice, you will check than Amsterdam has channels too, but with a different style. The capital of Netherland is a city full of flowers and mills, you will also find the Van Gogh Monument.  

Amsterdam is one of the cities where the environment best cares in the world, where the bikes and boats are the kings of the streets. It also has good communication with other cities and with Belgium. 

  1. Bruges and Ghent 

Bruges and Ghent are two fairytale cities from Belgium with monuments and charming corners. They are two small cities that in one day you can visit where bikes and channels have a major role. 




  1. Paris 

The city of love. The capital of France, there you have the Torre Eiffel, the Louvre Museum and thousands of charming corners. A lot of travelers go to Paris year after year. 

Of course, you don’t miss a cruise for Senna river and its gastronomy! 

  1. London 

The capital of England like as the last visit you do. Maybe the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. It will catch your attention that they drive by the left side. 

Red buses, the classic red telephone booths, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the Barkingham Palace and many more make London a special city 




By Almudena


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