Become an Ambassador

StayPlanet is cultivating a distinct and attractive culture behind its vision of imbuing adventure of travel, social networking, family bonding, cultural immersion, enhancement of life experience and quality of life, and growth of community in every homestay and farmstay for single intrepid traveller and travel group alike. 
Like-minded and spirited persons want to be part of this engaging culture and gain advantage from the rewarding experience. If you believe yourself to be adept and accomplished at travel agency and hospitality service, sales, and/or customer care & relations, then StayPlanet welcomes you to become a local brand ambassador!
Share your passion for travel, for customer care, for meeting new interesting people, and interest in earning income on the side and on your own time, by becoming a StayPlanet Ambassador. 

Being a StayPlanet Ambassador
As being a StayPlanet Ambassador is a prestigious and rewarding experience for the most loyal members of the StayPlanet community, StayPlanet helps each interested person find their best fit. Each StayPlanet Ambassador can increase their commissions earned by finding new hosts and travellers, guiding them through the onboarding experience, and even helping those looking to register on the online platform who have lesser knowledge or comfort with using a computer. When a sound rapport emerges between a traveller or host and a StayPlanet Ambassador, StayPlanet supports such a good and reliable ambassador becoming a trusted agent for helping administer a host’s StayPlanet profile and account.
The enterprising StayPlanet Ambassador can become the voice and representative of StayPlanet in his/her community, from village to city. Execute marketing campaigns, both identify and create partnership opportunities, and garner real-world marketing experience along the way— in close collaboration with the StayPlanet marketing team. 

StayPlanet Ambassadors are key players at StayPlanet
As the extra ears and eyes in local communities worldwide, StayPlanet Ambassadors discover valuable insights first-hand while helping any user in need. Thanks to customers’  feedback, StayPlanet Ambassadors contribute to the constant attention to improving StayPlanet’s services and offerings—building a better future and community together. 
As a StayPlanet Ambassador, providing your own feedback about your observations and experience, to our marketing team even contributes meaningfully to developing the ‘Ambassador Playbook’.

You become a happy and successful StayPlanet Ambassador by

  • joining a community that share your interests 
  • embracing StayPlanet’s vision and becoming part of the StayPlanet culture
  • being driven by the desire to help different people (and having fun doing it!)
  • letting your personality shine and becoming well regarded.
  • enabling the StayPlanet community to value your expertise while enjoy exclusive offers as well as other advantages and benefits.
  • demonstrating that you:
  • are excellent at building and maintaining customer relationships
  • have exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • are a good negotiator
  • have at least a year’s experience in one or more sales, marketing customer service, business development, and customer relations related roles
  • even possibly have a good working knowledge of the local travel and tourism industry
  • have good computer competency
  • are ethical and reliable.

How to become an ambassador
Your rewarding future as a StayPlanet Ambassador starts with you expressing your keen interest and follow the link on the StayPlanet site to provide information online to StayPlanet. You join the community easily by participating in a community Chat, in a forum discussion, in a discussion thread, and both following and contributing to the News Feed. Referrals and references are a distinct plus. Once accepting your opportunity in the 100% commission- based role (i.e. to earn commissions based on when registered members make confirmed transactions), a member of StayPlanet management will then contact you back within a week.


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