About Us

StayPlanet is a vacation rental booking engine which offers real-time booking for homestay, farm stay, village stay, camping, apartments, hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. Our headquarters is based in Dublin, Ireland.

StayPlanet aims to promote cultural exchanges between travellers and the local community that encourages fond memories. We do this by providing you with your ideal accommodation at an affordable price and providing you with an enjoyable experience whether you are away for business, leisure, or both.

StayPlanet has a variety of accommodation that suit travellers of all ages and backgrounds. Options range from 5-star hotels in the busy city to a quiet cottage in the countryside to unique accommodation like a houseboat. You name the kind of environment you want to stay in, we will be able to provide it to you.

We also have a variety of activities to offer to make your holiday experience that bit more special. From tours and safaris to student internships programmes, we want to help you find something that will educate, entertain or both during your holiday.

When it comes to those that choose homestay, we want to ensure a good match between home-stay seekers and providers. Each guest will have the opportunity to interact with the host to gain knowledge and experience of the lifestyle and culture of the local community. We hope to support the host and guest in building a relationship that is positive and lasts a lifetime.


Need assistance or further information? Feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Phone: +353 1879 2363

Email: info@stayplanet.com