Road trip through the USA 01/02/2019

The road, a car, good company and lots of music. That sounds like a perfect road trip! Here are eight possible road trips in the US, just for you! 






  1. New York to Boston 



Starting at a destination on many peoples to do list, New York. Then exploring the lovely East Coast of the USA, with a stop at Cape Cod and then finally Boston, the home of the Red Socks and Harvard. 

A short but beautiful trip, which is 323 miles and takes you 5 and a half hours, just driving. 




  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway 



What this road trip makes different from the other ones, is that the fact that you’ll drive from one National Park to anotherione without seeing big cities, just peacefuly pure landscape through the state of Virginia. The journey takes you through the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia and all the way down to the Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. 

The whole trip is about 250-300 miles and ca. 5 hours long. 




  1. Miami to Key West – The Overseas Highway 



This road over the ocean crosses 42 bridges in its journey from Miami to Key West, the final Island in the chain of the Florida Keys. A highly recommended and relaxing road trip, starting maybe with a big and extreme city, but getting more and more peaceful the way down over the ocean bridges. Because of its weather it is always a warm destination to go if you’re missing the sunlight, but still be careful, though June to November is hurricane season in this area. 

The trip is ca. 166 miles long and takes you around 3.5 hours to drive (one way). 




  1. San Fransisco to Utah 



Starting in the adventurous city San Fransisco, the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, this trip has to be a success. First stop after leaving the city will be Lake Tahoe, surrounded by forest and mountains, surely a beautiful and quite place. Afterwards you’d drive through Yosemite Valley to the Death Valley heading Las Vegas. After the ‘Sin City’ a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park is a must-do! Also recommended are the Zion National Park, the Bryce Canyon National Park, Torrey as well as the Moab Valley and finally Salt Lake City, an impressive city in the mountains and on the Salt Lake, which gives the city its name. 

The whole trip is around 2100.6 miles long and takes you ca. 37 hours. 




  1. San Fransisco to Los Angeles – Pacific Coast Highway 


A real Californian road trip, along the Pacific Coast Highway. Even though it is so easy to fly from san Fransisco to L.A. it might not be the most beautiful and also amusing option. Instead of that, we recommend you this road trip, you might discover places of the Californian coast line, you never thought it exists! 

This trip is around 468 miles long and takes you about 10 hours. 




  1. The Las Vegas Loop 



Seeing the stunning views of the American desert will be all you need to persuade you to take a road trip through this natural phenomenon. The long, straight and empty roads are so classically American that you’ll really get under the skin of this incredible country. Americans have a real love affair with their national parks and after driving through some of the most spectacular ones in the country, you’ll be hard pushed to ask why. 

You would best to avoid summer if you don’t want to be burnt to a crisp! Spring and autumn are the best times heat-wise, although the occasional snowfall that winter brings makes the red rock even more beautiful (if that’s possible!) 

The whole trip takes you around 1095 miles and at about 18.5 hours. 




  1. Route 66 


From Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 is the longest of our classic road trips. Cruise down the long straight roads through the breadbasket of America passing the old-fashioned motels and truck stops that make this road so famous. The long history of the road is documented by key sights along the way: museums, restaurants and towns that prospered in the 30s and have now become an important part of American history. If you feel like venturing off the road, you’ll be passing pretty close to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Santa Fe. 

The fabled journey down Route 66 is the thing of American legends, the most famous of all road trip routes. The places you’ll pass through are towns you would be unlikely to ever visit otherwise and the link this journey has as the pathway to opportunity and prosperity in the west, is so classically American that this drive is a must if you want to get under the skin of the true American spirit. On Route 66, it is all about the journey. 

The whole trip is around 2121 miles long and takes about 31 hours to complete, although it’s worth it taking a longer time to enjoy it. 




  1. Chicago to New Orleans – The Deep South 



This drive traverses the heart of America from top to bottom and takes a musically-themed route through 6 different states. Beginning in Chicago, your route takes you towards Lincoln’s birthplace in St Louis. From here, you’ll head south to Memphis; the cradle of Rock’n’Roll, blues and jazz and home to Elvis’s ‘Graceland’ mansion. 

Feel the southern charm seep in and notice the cuisine take on a distinctly southern creole flavor as you continue to Natchez on the banks of the Mississippi River. From here, it’s a 3-hour drive to finish your mammoth route in the spectacular southern city of New Orleans – a jazz fan and foodie’s paradise. 

The whole trip is around 925 miles long and takes about 13.5 hours, just driving. 



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By Elena Kasper 



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