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StayPlanet is vacation rental booking engine which offers real-time booking for homestay, farm stay, village stay, camping, apartments, hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. Our headquarters is based in Dublin, Ireland.

StayPlanet’s objective is to provide a fast, reliable and standard online booking service to travelers of all ages.We aim to promote cultural exchanges between travelers and the local community to encourage peace through tourism.This is done by encouraging students and travelers to choose to stay at homestay accommodation to broaden their view of new cultures.

We want to ensure a good match between home-stay seekers and providers.Each guest will have the opportunity to interact with the host to gain knowledge and experience of the lifestyle/culture of the local community. This may involve eating and cooking with the host, and engaging in many activities together with each other.This will allow for the two parties with different cultural backgrounds to interact and learn from each other.A homestay is a great option for guests to learn a new language: homestay's environment offers a practical environment to learn a new language and experience different cultures. It will also help build strong relationships: a homestay can greatly build a team’s reach within the community, helping to broaden the team’s grassroots connections to new areas.

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